the path we all walk

The Rue Rue Path Symbol is elemental to the human experience. Represented as the center of a labyrinth, it is an archetypal icon that is so inherent in our shared psyche that it has been seen across cultures and time, while always representing the same idea. The growth and development of every human being.

the labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol which can be found in many places in the world. Whereas a maze has many false passages and dead-ends a labyrinth has one long and winding path.

This symbolizes the growth and development of every individual. The seven stages of the labyrinth represent the stages in spiritual development as well as the 7 chakras and energetic centers of our bodies.

It’s universality and meaning was the inspiration for the icon we hope can become a tool for fostering a culture of self-care, personal growth and community support.

The rue rue
path symbol

At the core of the labyrinth you will find what we call the Rue Rue Path. This symbol encapsulates the ethos of our movement; Community supported personal development. Its pathways are open and undefined just as the direction of every person’s life is theirs to discover.

The rue rue
life tree

It is no coincidence that the Rue Rue Path, when expanded to the full labyrinth creates a tree with all the elements of the cycle of life.

Following the path, birth, growth and death are passing features of everyone’s journey. The destination however, is self-realization.