Rue Rue Path Enamel Pin


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The Rue Rue Path symbol is a tool to identify your tribe of individuals who are dedicated to walking the path of self-knowledge and healing, and who support others on their journey.

Wear this pin on your lapel, jacket, hat, or bag and say volumes without needing to say anything at all. This beautiful piece is a jewelry grade Cloissone hard enamel pin that incorporates kiln fired glass in a high-polished golden base.

The Path icon was thoughtfully designed to be truly universal in that, it’s intended to be a striking accessory for both men and women, and it was derived from an ancient icon that has been utilized by countless cultures to symbolize the center of a labyrinth. The labyrinth itself represents the path every individual takes from birth to self-realization, to death.

It is our hope at Rue Rue that this icon will become a ubiquitous symbol for unity and communion around the things we all share as humans on planet Earth… And with that sentiment at our core we can create a more understanding and supportive world.


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